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This version is an audio CD set for playing on a CD player.

This 96 disc set is  is supplied in a zipped wallet about the size of a Bible case.

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Follow in your Bible as a brother reads the days readings for you.
Alternately listen whilst doing the housework, driving in the car perhaps on your way to work etc.
Are you in Isolation or in only a small Ecclesia with very few brethren?
Why not use them at your Breaking of Bread along with the hymn CDs available from the Northern Christadelphian Choir?
Ideal for any who are blind or partially sighted.

Although the CDs are for general use they have been designed with the visually impaired in mind.  Each day comprises 4 tracks, the first is a sister announcing the date and readings for that day, the second, third and fourth are the three portions for the day, irrespective of how many chapters that may be.  Each CD only has complete days readings on it (usually 4).  This means that whichever disc you are playing the track number for the start of the day is always 1, 5, 9 etc; at no time within a day do you need to change CDs (this is also a useful safety feature if you are listening whilst driving as you will not be distracted from the road whilst changing discs).  For those who use Braille the discs can have a Braille label added to them if this request is included with the order, a Braille index will also be provided.  For the partially sighted an extra disc will be included which has the Index in a text format that can then be read in any computer at a font size and contrast suitable for the user.

The cost is 65.00 plus 14.50 postage and packing to any UK address.  Contact for prices for other countries.  Local currency payment can be made in Australia, other overseas payments can be made via PayPal in pounds sterling

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